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Travis is a Kingdom Warrior who has leveraged his journey from serving his country as a Marine to protecting communities as a Police Officer to full blown Entrepreneur, Coach and Speaker!

Travis attests his his success in 
 Travis has a proven track record of leadership and has carried some prestigious achievements like Officer of the Year, Detective of the Year and more as he served on S.W.A.T., Undercover, Narcotics, Honor Guard and more.

He has seen plenty of adversity and tragedy in life both personally and professionally giving him perspective and a testimony he uses to impact others to do more with their gifts regardless of their pasts.

This drive, experience and unapologetic faith has allowed him to build a portfolio of businesses to which he gives all glory to GOD and the TEAMs he has built and trusted to run them.

Travis has leveraged the team-building and systemitizing skills he obtained in previous careers, to have successful businesses listed below. All while giving himself time freedom to pursue his passion in helping free other Business Owners from the grind of being "self employed".

Travis is fully committed to his purpose of furthering the Kingdom through adding value any way he can from coaching the inexperienced Entrepreneur to helping companies improve culture, duplicate and streamlining through systems.

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Let our TEAM show you the difference in working ON your business instead of IN your business.

We teach you how to leverage yourself to implement systems and build a TEAM to free yourself from being "Self Employed".*289818924_1956561358066187_6882258846384157059_n*png?alt=media&token=02a49234-7278-40ba-973f-1832903e24c8

High-Tech Wellness that brings 

"bio-hacking" to a luxury level!

iCRYO is on a mission to "Elevate Your Lifestyle". All services are designed to help guests feel better, look better, and push them towards achieving their health and beauty goals.*312573639_1542944969510557_923924366527713469_n%20-%20Edited*png?alt=media&token=2ce2f9d1-fa86-42d9-88cf-7664c1f2ee4e

The best savings, per dollar spent you will find in lowering your Home's enrgy costs!

Travis' 1st successful venture named after his daughter.  DFWs #1 energy efficiency company leveraging great reputation for referral only exclusivity.

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